“I have known Michael for over a decade and can unequivocally say he is one of a handful of people in the entire country that has a comprehensive understanding of the threats facing America. We need leaders in Washington that have the backbone to stand up to the powerful special interests that are selling us out. Michael has that backbone. He has the knowledge and expertise to be a leader in DC, not just another Congressman that votes the right way.”

LTG William G. “Jerry” Boykin
U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under President George W. Bush

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Michael Del Rosso for Congress. He will be a powerful voice to end the corruption and complacency of Washington, D.C. Michael is a man I look forward to working with here in Congress to keep America safe, free and prosperous.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats; former senior speech writer for Ronald Reagan

When I was the Director of Special Operations Command, National Capitol Region, I brought Michael in to spearhead our efforts in support of the Command’s counter-proliferation and counter terrorism missions.  Michael’s knowledge of the Global Islamic Movement and Weapons of Mass Destruction was second to none.  Michael created numerous coalitions and worked tirelessly to support critical Command level issues at the nexus of intelligence, operations, technology and policy.

Pete Phillips
Former Director Special Operations Command, National Capitol Region
Hon. Joseph Schmitz
Fifth Senate-confirmed Inspector General of the Department of Defense
AMB Henry Cooper
President Reagan's Chief Negotiator at the Geneva Defense and Space Talks and Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) during the Bush-41 administration

“Michael Del Rosso is probably one of ten or twenty Americans in the entire country that truly understands the Islamic threat. He certainly knows it better than almost everybody else in congress. He spent years teaching members of congress this, many of them did nothing, but some of them have taken action because of his knowledge. He will be the number one guy in congress on national security when he arrives.”

John Guandolo
Former FBI special agent, designated a “Subject Matter Expert” by FBI Headquarters and created and implemented the FBI’s first Counter-terrorism Training Program focused on the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Doctrine, and the global Islamic Movement.

“We live in dangerous times. We have a $19 trillion debt, 94 million Americans out of work, and a Republican Congress unwilling to stand up to a president that has fundamentally transformed America. More than ever before, we need members of Congress who, in addition to representing their districts, are prepared from day one to re-energize the Congress to fulfill its Constitutional duty to protect the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Michael Del Rosso is that man. He has the knowledge, courage, and sense of urgency to put national security ahead of political correctness, and to rightly prioritize a renewed focus on national security issues in this most dangerous time in our world. If we don’t get our national security and preservation of freedom right, we won’t have the ability to care about other issues of concern to us. Our District needs him. Our men and women in uniform and our veterans need him. And our Nation needs him to be a catalyst and leader in the Congress. I count it an honor and privilege to wholeheartedly endorse my friend and true patriot, Michael Del Rosso, to be our next representative from the 5th District.”

MGEN Greg Schumacher, USA (Ret.)
Former commanding general, United States Army Military Intelligence Readiness Command (MIRC)

“Without reservation, I enthusiastically endorse Michael Del Rosso for Congress. I have come to know Michael as a close friend and confidant over the past six years. I trust Michael explicitly as a man who never is afraid to self-reflect and self-improve. Intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually, Michael never is satisfied and continues to grow and thrive as a selfless leader. That takes great humility and great integrity. With all that said, Michael comes into this endeavor as a proven and brilliant leader and team provider at the highest level of analyzing and solving the nation’s most complex issues. Virginia’s 5th District along with the entire nation will be much better with Michael as a member of Congress.”

Steven K. “Kelly” Snapp
LTC, US Army Special Forces (Retired)
Clare Lopez
Former CIA operations officer, senior fellow Center for Security Policy

Michael Del Rosso understands better than most the national security issues facing this country.  He understands the Islamic/jihadi threat and the action that must be taken to defeat it better than anyone in Congress today.  He understand the total  necessity for fixing our broken immigration policies and securing our border.  He also has a firm understanding of the domestic issues that are important to his constituents.”

ADM James “Ace” Lyons, USN (Ret.)
Former Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet

“Michael Del Rosso brings boundless energy, seasoned experience and global knowledge to any task he undertakes.   He is the right person to educate, advise and lead  those who bear the responsibility to keep Americans safe at home and abroad.  As our Congress addresses complex and often divisive issues critical to the future of our Republic, Virginia needs an enlightened and articulate Congressman to inform the debates and lead the decisions on behalf of We the People.  Michel Del Rosso is such a dynamic leader, and I strongly endorse him for election to the Congress of the United States.”

RADM Charles Kubic, USN (Ret.)
Former Commander of the 1st Naval Construction Division, Benghazi whistleblower

“Enthusiastically, I endorse Michael Del Rosso’s candidacy for Congress because, like so many other Americans, I am sick and tired of electing Republicans to Congress who end up as pawns of a corrupt establishment because they don’t know the substance of the issues or because they go to Washington to feather their own nests.

Michael Del Rosso is nobody’s pawn. He will be an independent agent for the people who elected him.

Having gotten to know Michael Del Rosso at the Claremont Institute, where scholars gather to study the American Founding and to draw its lessons for our time, I can testify to his learning. Also, having served for eight years on the staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee supervising the budgets and operations, and on President Reagan’s transition teams for the Intelligence agencies and the State Department, I have been impressed with the depth and detail of Michael Del Rosso’s practical knowledge U.S national security. When he gets to Washington, nobody is going to sell him a bill of goods or overawe him. He will be unsurpassed in expertise and no-nonsense commitment to victory over our enemies.”

Angelo Codevilla
Author, The Ruling Class; Professor Emeritus Boston University

“It’s my great privilege to endorse Michael Del Rosso for US Congress. During my four terms in the House, I came to know Michael as one of the most knowledgeable and trusted persons on the broad array of issues concerning national security, illegal immigration and the growing threats from Radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.

I and many of my colleagues considered him as one of the go-to guys who could always be counted on. Moreover, Michael is who he says he is: a Constitutional Conservative Patriot who has the guts and know-how to defend our country, our liberty and our way of life.”

Hon. Michele Bachmann
Former Congresswoman and member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, former presidential candidate

It is my pleasure to be among the many conservatives who are supporting Michael Del Rosso’s candidacy for the United States House of Representatives for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.

If we are to protect American families, that must begin with their physical security. Michael understands the threat from Islamic terrorism and their active measures on US soil. He also understands what will be required if we are to defend our homeland from Russia and China.

Additionally, Michael is keenly aware that America’s families must be safeguarded from a secular political culture that has rejected the constitutional protections of our God-given natural rights. Whether it is fighting to defend the sanctity of life or the integrity of traditional marriage, Michael will be a powerful voice of reason and will be a tireless defender of America’s founding principles.

For years, I have joined millions of people across America in praying that God would raise-up leaders to restore this great nation. I am excited that Michael Del Rosso answered that call and has stepped up to offer his services to the people of Virginia’s 5th District as their Representative in Congress.

As a private individual, I am honored to endorse Michael Del Rosso for Congress, and pray that his election will be the start of a new generation of  leaders who will return this nation to the constitutional principles upon which it was founded.

Dr. James Dobson
Founder and chairman of Focus on the Family
Michael Del Rosso has been endorsed by those who understand the risks America faces today…
and who know that Michael Del Rosso is the man to confront these risks head on.