Health Care

Health Care

Health Care:  Obamacare has destroyed America’s health-care system, which once was the envy of the world. Health care for America’s veterans is a national disgrace. Congress must:

  • Repeal Obamacare and pass an alternative bill that shows the American people that the Republicans have a solution to our broken health care system.
  • Get government out of our doctors’ offices and our medical decisions.
  • Restore the patient-doctor relationship and a free-market, high-quality system that gives patients choices.
  • Allow health insurance companies to sell across state lines to promote competition and lower costs.
  • Enact tort reform so the patient — not a lawyer — receives fair compensation for an injury.
  • Establish quality care for our military veterans–provide voucher to our veterans so that they can receive care at the hospital of their choice. Reduce scope of VA hospitals so that they only provide specific services to our veterans that they can’t receive elsewhere.

We can’t take individual choice away from the American citizen in a nation where the individual is the sovereign.

Obamacare is a monumental failure. People’s heath-care costs are skyrocketing, quality of care is declining, and doctors are closing their doors to private practice. A collapse is imminent.

Health care must return to being a private matter between patient and doctor. We must eliminate federal intrusion into our most private affairs and re-establish health-care choices for Americans. A market-based approach with multiple consumer choices will promote competition, improve quality of care, and help stabilize costs.

Employer-sponsored health-care insurance is not counted in employee wages and so is not subject to an individual’s income tax. This same benefit should be extended to all workers who buy their own health insurance individually and not through a group. Currently, self-employed plumbers, electricians, farmers and handymen — just to name a few — must pay for health insurance using their after-income-tax dollars. This is an unfair burden on these entrepreneurs for, in effect, they are paying an income tax on their health insurance premiums while other workers do not. This injustice must be corrected.

Veterans deserve top-quality health care. The recent VA Hospital scandal uncovered grave problems in a failing, corrupt system that requires immediate correction. Under innovated guidelines, a veteran should also be allowed to receive medical treatment in the private sector rather than waiting for a VA appointment.

To promote competition, businesses and families must be free to buy health insurance from any company in America — not be restricted just to in-state companies as is the case today. Free markets, purging bureaucratic interference, tort reform, enhanced competition, primacy of the patient-doctor relationship and transparency are key to fixing our corrupted health-care system.

Our health-care system is under going a technological revolution. I will use my technology background to encourage improvements in quality care for all Americans.

— Michael Del Rosso