Immigration – Enforcing our current immigration laws is a top priority. America cannot exist without secure borders and laws that protect law-abiding citizens.

  • Secure our borders. Build a wall where needed.
  • No amnesty in any form for people who have broken our immigration laws.
  • No American worker should be forced to compete with workers who are here illegally.
  • Re-evaluate legal immigration quotas to ensure Americans are not disadvantaged by high immigration levels.
  • Enforce and strengthen existing law so that no employer will hire illegal immigrants.
  • Re-evaluate the H1B visa program to ensure Americans are not being replaced by foreign workers.
  • Fine and deport people who over-stay their visa.

When addressing the issue of immigration, a simple question must be asked before any action is taken. Does it put American interests first? Comprehensive immigration reform, also known as amnesty, is an unholy alliance between Democrats who want to import votes and Republicans whose donors want to import cheap labor. Neither party is acting in the interest of American sovereignty or the American worker.

We need to focus on getting more of the 94 million Americans now out of the work force back to work, rather than importing workers, both low-skilled and high-skilled, to do jobs that Americans supposedly will not do. As a technology executive, I understand that Silicon Valley wants increased H1B visas because foreign workers take lower wages. There are millions of unemployed American STEM workers. They should be the first ones in line for a job at Microsoft.

Illegal immigration is not our only problem; we need to carefully examine legal immigration. As a result of the 1965 immigration act, we currently allow 1.1 million legal immigrations into our country a year. The Congressional Research Service reports show that during the 43 years between 1970 and 2013 — when the foreign-born population grew 325 percent — incomes for the bottom 90 percent of earners fell nearly 8 percent.

There are also serious national security concerns resulting from immigration laws not being enforced. Enemies exploit our lax immigration policies to infiltrate our country. We need to build a wall on the border. We need to re-appropriate billions of dollars to sheriff departments in border states so that they can protect themselves and their constituents. We need to reduce the number of visas issued until we can improve our ability to monitor people overstaying their visas. Finally, we need to begin to re-introduce the goal of assimilation into our naturalization process.

— Michael Del Rosso