National Debt

National Debt

National Debt:  Do you know that you owe $158,836 — and it grows every day? That’s not debt on your house. That’s every American taxpayer’s share of the nation’s $19 trillion national debt, which has doubled under Obama. We must cut federal spending and reduce our debt. The new Congress must: 

  • Scrutinize each department’s budget, using zero-based budgeting to cut waste.
  • Enact separate appropriation bills for each department.
  • Stop passing one giant, pork-laden, special-interest money bill to fund government.
  • Balance budget immediately.

 Our national debt is $19.2 trillion dollars and counting. This huge debt undercuts our economic growth, is a job-killer for the average American, and is a threat to our national security.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the interest on our national debt, as a percentage of our federal spending, will increase from the current 6% to almost 12% by 2018 –only two years from now! With interest payments on our national debt consuming over 10% of our federal spending, the United States will be severely weakened. Harsh spending cuts to even the most essential federal programs — like national defense — will be necessary.

The Omnibus, last-minute, pork-laden spending bill that each year the Democrats, under the threat of a government shutdown, foist on the timid Republican leadership, is a violation of Article I Section IX Clause VII of the constitution, which requires separate appropriation bills for every government department and agency. I will never vote for an omnibus bill and will fight to restore the appropriations process so that we can carefully examine and debate the funding of every government agency and department. This is the only way that we are going to reign in the out-of-control spending and direct scarce resources to where they are needed. I support zero-based budgeting to force every government department and agency to evaluate and justify its budget. I will only support a budget that cuts spending year over year.

You elect a congressman to lead on the most pressing issues. Our ballooning national debt threatens all of us — everything from our Social Security to the well-being of our grandchildren. We must balance the federal budget by enacting real spending cuts in the near term, not ten years from now.

— Michael Del Rosso